A New Venture

River City Calvary Chapel is beginning to upgrade to current technology to enhance access to the Word of God and to give more opportunity to have fellowship with each other. We have such a loving church and we need to enhance our efforts to have available tools and the rest is up to you!

We are announcing a wonderful new church app, available for ios or android devices at the apple store and google play. The app features bibles, study tools and commentaries, various teachers you can watch or listen to as they teach the entire Bible. (including our illustrious Pastor Mike!) There is a church Blog, a new Forum where we all can ask questions and dialog together about the Bible, current events or just about anything! The app will allow us to send you all notifications about events or important news. You will also be able to sign up for small groups and various activities. There is a complete Discipleship class in video or audio available on the appmas well. And the possibilities are endless. Make sure to download the River City Calvary Chapel app to all your devices so you can be on board as we venture forth, serving Christ and advancing the Gospel Of Jesus!

Love You All, But I hate Soured Cream!

Pastor Mike

Published by rivercitycc

Our History, How We Started On October 1st 1990, by the grace of God, RiverCity Calvary Chapel officially became a church. Two months before this, Mike and Julie Butera were continuing to pray about starting a new work in the Sacramento area where they were born and raised. God confirmed His answer through several old acquaintances who actually stopped Mike on the street and asked him if he was going to teach a Bible study “anytime soon”. Encouraged by this, Mike and Julie began a Bible study in their home. Right from the start people who were being drawn to Christ began to come and were saved by their Lord. A need for discipleship grew as, weekly, people were asking Christ to be their Lord and Savior, inviting their friends until the living room would no longer hold the group. About that time, Pastor Leo Giovinetti and Pastor Bob Henderson, both friends and Calvary Chapel pastors, encouraged Mike to start a church under their spiritual “umbrella.” Thus RCCC was born. Since that time, God has brought about a ministry where people are genuinely loved, spiritually fed and cared for. Through missions and support, RCCC is currently reaching out across the world in Russia, Mexico, Israel, Macedonia and Thailand. Through this ministry, God has elevated a discipleship program that has been translated into 3 languages and used on the mission field in several nations across the globe. Our Pastor, Mike Butera Like many other “Baby-Boomers,” I too was on a quest to find peace in my life. As the youngest of 4 children, I had experienced a rough childhood. I lost my father when I was four and grew up with an unstable and physically abusive step-father. My home life was very stressful with lots of fighting and beatings. With so much going wrong in my life, my special abilities in music made me feel accepted by others. Music soon became my identity and my idol. I was able to get beyond my shyness and express myself through music. I soon told my junior high band instructor that I wanted to become a professional musician. That became true when I joined the musicians union at 15 years of age and began to make money playing in bands around town. One day when I was 17 years old, my-step father became angry and came towards me to beat me. I had so much pent up anger inside, that I took out a large knife and threatened to kill him. My step-father backed down and gave up trying to control me. I became as rebellious and angry as a kid could be. I joined a top area rock band that was heavily into drugs and alcohol. That school year, most days began with a bottle of wine and some reds or cross-tops before classes started. It was the only way I could talk to girls. My parents didn’t know what to do with me. My mother agreed to pay an initiation fee so I could join the Transcendental Meditation cult that was meeting in my High School. They claimed that TM was a scientifically proven way to get your life together. I received my “mantra” after I bowed down before a stone idol and presented my offering of fruit and flowers. My days in TM didn’t last long because in TM drugs were forbidden and I couldn’t live without them. I finally moved out of my parent’s home on graduation night and entered college with a music scholarship. I paid my bills by playing music in bars and concert venues in the Sacramento and Bay areas and by selling drugs. This drug activity nearly led to my being murdered, on two separate occasions, when I was held up by drug seekers. Things continued to unravel in my life. I began having acute panic attacks, so I began psychological counseling, but I became even more lost and confused. I met my future wife, Julie, and began to settle down some. I really wanted a loving family and Julie had two wonderful little girls. But inside I was still empty and lost. My last effort to find wholeness in my life was through a $UCCE$$FUL music career. By the late 70’s I had reached the top. I was featured on many hit recordings as well as appearances on the Merv Griffin Show and the Newport Jazz Festival. I was traveling the world as the featured tenor saxophonist with the Harry James Orchestra and playing with the likes of Donna Summer, Lou Rawls, John Denver, The Temptations, Johnny Mathis and many others. I was now married and making good money yet my life was still empty and incomplete. I noticed that the “stars” with whom I performed, who had every material thing this world can offer, had the same emptiness in their lives. I thought that success was going to be the panacea for my personal problems, but they only ached within me all the more. My marriage to my beautiful wife, Julie had now begun to suffer and my kids were beginning to have problems. I knew that I needed God. He was the only answer. But who was He? Was He the God of the Jehovah Witnesses? Or the Mormon God? Does he want me to shave my head and sell flowers at the airport? I needed to know. Desperately, I prayed, “God, whoever You are, please show me. I need to know you.” That day I took a Gideon Bible from the hotel room I was staying in and began to read it. Little did I know at the time what an awesome, wonderful and life-changing a step I had taken. The Bible came alive to me as I read it. God’s word helped me to recognize that the emptiness and lack of peace in my life was caused by a need to know my creator. God was not against me as I had thought, but rather He was for me and desired to bless my life through His Son, Jesus. Soon, I asked the Lord to forgive me of my sins and to come into my heart and give me a new beginning. My life has never been the same. Destructive activities and habits that I previously had no hope of ever changing began to daily fade away. I now no longer had a desire for them. I began to love being sober. My marriage problems began to heal. My wife and children are all serving the Lord. My seven grandchildren love Jesus. I found that God had a plan to use my life, even with all my imperfections and sordid past. He was going to use me to bring people to know and love Him. He was going to use me to comfort others in spiritual and emotional pain. God used some wonderful pastors to disciple me and raise me up in ministry within the Calvary Chapel family of churches. By the Grace of God, I have been in full-time ministry for nearly 20 years and I love it. There is an ever-present joy and peace in my life even in the midst of the most difficult times. I live such an exciting life as I seek to follow my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Each day He is revealing works that He has prepared for me since the beginning of time. God is truly good. Mail us at: SeniorPastor@rivercitycc.com

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